SRI Tax Sale Testimonials

Karen Stevens, Wayne County Auditor
We have been with SRI for over 11 years. I have done tax sales with SRI and without. I much prefer with. With the increasing number of tax sale properties and the frequent changes in the law, it is comforting to have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable people sharing the load, especially with regards to sending notices and preparing deeds.
Sheri Jobes, Hamilton County Deputy Auditor (retired)
I have been working with SRI since 1994 and have always found them extremely professional and helpful. They have always been there when I needed immediate assistance. I would never want to do a tax sale without SRI.
Suzanne Alexander, Tipton County Council and former County Auditor
I’ve enjoyed working with SRI over the last 5½ years. They are a fun-loving group, yet serious about their business. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The service I’ve received over the years has always been excellent. It’s no wonder the company is growing and thriving. You can always bet there will be something new (a process or service) in the works at this company. Thank you SRI!
Larry Ernest, Elkhart County Treasurer
Everything was done timely and accurately… [The] experienced and knowledgeable staff makes the whole process go smoothly.
Jane Brewington, former Carroll County Treasurer
It has been a pleasure working with SRI for 16 years.
Kim Good, Hamilton County Treasurer
It is my pleasure to recommend the tax sale services of SRI. Hamilton County has been with SRI for nearly 20 years and they offer top-notch services. They have given us immediate response and help with solutions to issues we have encountered with the changing laws over the years. We have worked closely with the staff and feel comfortable with the services and expertise level of the company. SRI has been an excellent partner and we look forward to a continued working relationship.