Please select a county and sale date to the right to view the results of the given sale. Information is provided on the status of the sale, sale price, deed status and many other items.

At SRI we always strive to update this information as soon as possible following a sale. Often it will be updated within hours of the sale! So, always check often after the sale to get the status.

For more information concerning sheriff sales by SRI, please contact us at 800-858-5292.

Sale Results by Sale Day

SelectSale DateCounty Name
Select 8/22/2019 Dearborn
Select 8/22/2019 Dekalb
Select 8/22/2019 Jefferson
Select 8/21/2019 Clay
Select 8/20/2019 Martin
Select 8/20/2019 Orange
Select 8/20/2019 Washington
Select 8/16/2019 Monroe
Select 8/15/2019 Fountain
Select 8/15/2019 Vigo
Select 8/14/2019 Fayette
Select 8/14/2019 Cass
Select 8/14/2019 Montgomery
Select 8/13/2019 Lawrence
Select 8/13/2019 Greene
Select 8/8/2019 Brown
Select 8/7/2019 Tippecanoe
Select 8/6/2019 Bartholomew
Select 8/1/2019 Boone
Select 8/1/2019 Shelby
Select 7/25/2019 Steuben
Select 7/25/2019 Dekalb
Select 7/25/2019 Dearborn
Select 7/25/2019 Jefferson
Select 7/24/2019 Clinton
Select 7/24/2019 Carroll
Select 7/23/2019 Adams
Select 7/23/2019 Huntington
Select 7/23/2019 Kosciusko
Select 7/23/2019 Marshall