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Sale DateSale TimeSale LocationCause NumberDefendant NameProperty AddressCityProperty IDPlaintiff NameAttorney NameJudgment AmountMin. BidCounty NameSale Results 
09/03/202010:00 a.m.Crthouse Annx/Comm.Rm #208A,25 Polk St73C01-1908-MF-000062 Martin, Ruth & Martin-Drain, Michael 203 W. Washington St. Shelbyville73-11-06-200-381.000-002Wells FargoManley Deas Kochalski $230,266.56 $0.00 ShelbyCancelledSelect
09/03/202010:00 a.m.Crthouse Annx/Comm.Rm #208A,25 Polk St73C01-1910-MF-000072Campbell, Zebulen & Andria 927 Olmsted Ct. Shelbyville73-11-09-100-237.000-002PennyMac Loan Services, LLCFeiwell & Hannoy $159,039.58 ShelbyActiveSelect
09/03/202010:00 a.m.Crthouse Annx/Comm.Rm #208A,25 Polk St73C01-1911-MF-000090Currie, Robert & Anne 123 E. North St. Morristown73-03-12-400-111.000-008MidFirstDoyle & Foutty $122,868.46 ShelbyActiveSelect
09/03/202010:00 a.m.Crthouse Annx/Comm.Rm #208A,25 Polk St73C01-1912-MF-000102Deem, Lloyed & Jewel 6737 W. Boggstown Rd. Boggstown73-06-19-100-027.000-018Freedom Mortgage Corp.Doyle & Foutty $58,199.25 ShelbyActiveSelect