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Sale DateSale TimeSale LocationCause NumberDefendant NameProperty AddressCityProperty IDPlaintiff NameAttorney NameJudgment AmountMin. BidCounty NameSale Results 
03/18/20201:30 p.m.Sheriff's Dept11D01-1908-MF-000627Bright, Clinton J 8459 N State Rd 59 Brazil11-03-01-400-005.000-011First Financial Bank NANelson & Frankenberger $95,542.26 ClayActiveSelect
03/18/20201:30 p.m.Sheriff's Dept11D01-1904-MF-00276Condry, Joseph R & Marcia A 217 W National Ave Brazil11-02-36-400-237.000-002First Financial Bank, NAWright, Shagley & Lowery $55,552.29 ClayActiveSelect
03/18/20201:30 p.m.Sheriff's Dept11C01-1905-MF-000360Moss, Shandra L et al 10355 N County Rd 100 E Brazil11-01-29-400-008.000-016US Bank Trust NASottile & Barile, LLC $134,527.46 ClayActiveSelect
04/15/20201:30 p.m.Sheriff's Dept11C01-1903-MF-000238Dalton, Jeffery & Blackburn-Dalton, Evelyn 117 N. Turner St. Brazil11-01-31-100-233.000-002; 11-01-31-100-245.000-002; 11-01-31-100-250.000-002Santander BankFeiwell & Hannoy $53,651.69 ClayActiveSelect
04/15/20201:30 p.m.Sheriff's Dept11C01-1906-MF-000449Escott, Delores 701 N. Vandalia St. Brazil11-01-31-200-196.000-002Cilici, LLCFeiwell & Hannoy $18,251.47 ClayActiveSelect