Pending Sheriff's Sale Cases

These cases are missing indicated items and are waiting for further processing. After all required items are received a sale date will be set.

Please check back often for updates!

For more information concerning sheriff sales by SRI, please contact us at 800-858-5292.
Cause NumberDefendant NameAttorneyWrit Date (Not All Counties)Judgement (Certified)Praecipe (File Stamped)NoticeSheriff Sale Cost Check
88D01-0805-MF-140 Feiwell & Hannoy     
88D01-0805-MF-140 Feiwell & Hannoy     
53C06-0708-MF-01935 Feiwell & Hannoy     
43C01-0901-MF-41 Feiwell & Hannoy     
80C01-0801-MF-016 Feiwell & Hannoy     
80C01-0801-MF-016 Feiwell & Hannoy     
88D01-0903-MF-101 Feiwell & Hannoy     
74C01-0812-MF-0737 Feiwell & Hannoy     
53C01-0903-MF-00674 Feiwell & Hannoy     
43C01-0812-MF-0630 Foutty & Foutty, LLP     
13C01-0901-MF-002 Reisenfeld & Associates     
43C01-0904-MF-00181 Reisenfeld & Associates     
80C01-0710-MF-365 Hostetler & Kowalik, P.C.     
84d04-0912-mf-11561 Wright, Shagley & Lowery     
04C01-1206-CC-130 Marinosci Law Group     
80C01-0806-MF-292Arnett, Carol & TerryGutwein Law     
80C01-0807-MF-348Bennett, Albert C.Fitzwater Mercer  2/10/20092/10/20092/10/2009
50C01-0802-MF-00030Bierly, KyleFeiwell & Hannoy6/26/20086/26/20086/26/20086/26/2008 
43C01-0803-MF-232Bordner, Dan N. & Debra A.Foutty & Foutty, LLP7/25/2008 7/8/2008  
43C01-0803-MF-138Bowerman, Brooke A. & Paula D.Cohen & Malad, LLP7/25/2008 6/18/2008  
47D0-0804-MF-571Brock, David O.Feiwell & Hannoy     
11D01-1308-MF-00500Day, BrendaFoutty & Foutty, LLP     
06C01-0903-MF-277Devol, Drake B.Feiwell & Hannoy     
84D03-1701-MF-547Dinkel, Amy, et al.Cox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan, LLP     
84D04-1701-MF-79Dycus, ChadCox, Zwerner, Gambill & Sullivan, LLP     
79D01-1201-MF-00001Farrand, Fred, Jason,Tamara, et al.Reisenfeld & Associates     
80c01-0711-mf-415Ferguson, Paul Reisenfeld & Associates 2/19/20082/19/20083/10/2008 
15C01-1207-MF-144Fitzpatrick, Robert & RachelMarinosci Law Group     
59C01-1912-MF-000426Forbes, BillyVice Cox & Townsend, PLLC     
09-17-57-218-006.000-010.2GrableHillis, Hillis, Rozzi & Achey, LLC