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Sheriff Sale Rules

Notice To Law Firms

In Order for a sale to be set, SRI must have all the necessary documents which include:

      1.  Check or Receipt from the County
      2.  Notice
      3.  File Stamped Praecipe
      4.  Certified Judgment Entry
      5.  Order of Sale (if required by county)

These must be received two months prior to the sale date in order for the sale to be set.

If we are missing any of the above documents, that case will be set for the next available month’s sale date once the missing documents are received.

Each county has specific rules for their Sheriff's Sale. Please click on the links on the left to view or print the specific rules for the county.

There are no warranties by the Sheriff or SRI,Inc. including the commonly known address. Properties are sold AS IS - BUYER BEWARE.