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Sale DateSale TimeSale LocationCause NumberDefendant NameProperty AddressCityProperty IDPlaintiff NameAttorney NameJudgment AmountMin. BidCounty NameSale Results 
04/13/201710:00 a.m.Sheriff's Address07C01-1609-MF-000317Horner, Carmella & Brand, Jeffrey 9156 Sweet Water Trl Nineveh07-02-01-400-173.000-006US BankManley Deas Kochalski $179,660.54 BrownActiveSelect
04/13/201710:00 a.m.Sheriff's Address07C01-1509-MF-000298Martin, Sylvia & William 1024 Valley Branch Rd. Nashville07-07-25-300-184.000-004Bank of New York MellonBleecker, Brodey & Andrews $79,456.53 BrownActiveSelect
04/13/201710:00 a.m.Sheriff's Address07C01-1609-MF-000300Miller, Timothy & Pamela 8306 Gold Point Rd. Trafalgar07-02-11-300-139.000-006JPMorganFeiwell & Hannoy $78,236.79 $0.00 BrownCancelledSelect
04/13/201710:00 a.m.Sheriff's Address07C01-1606-MF-000194Olinger, Charles 8365 Sweetwater Dr. Nineveh07-01-07-400-295.000-001JPMorganFeiwell & Hannoy $153,016.21 BrownActiveSelect
04/13/201710:00 a.m.Sheriff's Address07C01-1607-MF-000248Rainmaker Capital of Nashville, LLC 292 S. Van Buren St. Nashville001-0660-00US BankIceMiller, LLP $3,854,076.67 BrownActiveSelect
04/13/201710:00 a.m.Sheriff's Address07C01-1505-MF-000188Weakley, Timothy, et al 12 Pool Rd Morgantown07-03-13-200-119.000-002BMO HarrisMercer Belanger $73,413.09 BrownActiveSelect