Who We Are

Created by SRI Founder Jim Hughes in 2010, SRI Consulting is committed to helping counties become more efficient and cost effective. What separates SRI from the others, however, is our experience. Together with our partners in county and municipal government, we help to ensure that taxpayer dollars are utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What We Do

SRI Consulting provides the following services:

Taxpayer Connection SM Electronic Property Tax Billing: Counties stand to realize substantial cost savings through the use of e-mailed property tax bills. SRI Consulting will implement a comprehensive plan to manage a county's electronic billing program. SRI Consulting manages all aspects of the e-billing process from start to finish, including marketing, list management (signups, e-mail changes, and deletions), data management, and the actual property tax bill e-mails.

Taxpayer Connection

Homestead Verification: Taxpayers who receive homestead deductions on more than one property are cheating the system, and this in turn raises property tax rates for everyone else due to the effect on net assessed valuation. SRI Consulting will work with County Auditors to identify who may be receiving more than one homestead deduction, or who may be claiming homesteads in more than one state, and help Auditors recover taxes that should be paid.

Project Management: A project as important as the property assessment-to-tax billing process benefits from a project manager; someone to set the plan, communicate the plan, track progress, and work to realign resources in the county when the planned timeline is threatened. SRI Consulting is well-equipped to navigate this process. In addition, our Team can help with other situations that may need a project management perspective, such as conversions from one software vendor to another.

Online Assessment Appeals: Our internet-based assessment appeals system allows taxpayers to file an appeal of the assessed value of their property with the county assessor over the internet. The web-based assessment appeals system also gives county assessors and taxpayers the ability to track the status of the appeal - from the informal hearing with the county assessor through the county property tax assessment board of appeals (PTABOA). The internet program also allows taxpayers to file an objective appeal or Correction of Error (Form 133) with the county auditor.